30 Weeks Down…

30 Weeks
Me @ 30 weeks w/twins! Fun times w/my daughters’ and sister!

This weekend I got to hang out with the fam for some “family fun time” at a cookout that was hosted by my Pops barbershop. The weather was PERFECT in my area despite all of the crazy hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and wild fires happening every where else in the world!


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“Life…in a Flash”


This summer has literally been going by in such a blur! I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time already (yippee!!!). The most exciting thing that’s happened this summer so far…aside from me being completely Zofran free after 5 1/2 months (yippee again!!!) is that we’ve added a new addition to our family – a Norwegian Elkhound that we’ve named Nala!

While Nala and Mila have QUICKLY become the best of friends, I’ve found that my patience for a barking puppy at 6am mixed with the smell of a hot or wet dog after coming in from outside is getting thinner and thinner and my nagging has become ever increasing.

Pray for my sanity…and my dear husband!


A Happy Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated our little rainbow baby Mimi’s third birthday! It’s SO hard to believe that three years have passed by already. She is truly the smartest, silliest, craziest, funniest little three year old that I’ve come across in a LONG time!

She’s in that phase now where every question she has is followed up with “but why??” which always leads to no less than 20 more questions after trying to explain something as simple as why mommy chose to make a right onto a certain street instead of a left.

Mimi taking it all in at her birthday party @ Chuck E. Cheese’s!

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Meet The Simms!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by my blog!Β I figured it would be a great idea to formally introduce myself {and the fam} before I start bombarding you with posts about our craziness…LOL!

When I’d originally started blogging back in 2010, it was just me, my husband Drew and our three children, Trevon, Syera and Aleya. Fast forward sevens years later and we now have an utterly hilarious three year old named Mila and are currently expecting twins in November — whom we’ve had the pleasure of finding out at 14 weeks due to genetic testing that they’re both girls — and have already named Sophia and Madison.

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Now that you’ve met us, I can’t wait to meet you!