“Life…in a Flash”


This summer has literally been going by in such a blur! I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time already (yippee!!!). The most exciting thing that’s happened this summer so far…aside from me being completely Zofran free after 5 1/2 months (yippee again!!!) is that we’ve added a new addition to our family – a Norwegian Elkhound that we’ve named Nala!

While Nala and Mila have QUICKLY become the best of friends, I’ve found that my patience for a barking puppy at 6am mixed with the smell of a hot or wet dog after coming in from outside is getting thinner and thinner and my nagging has become ever increasing.

Pray for my sanity…and my dear husband!


“Workplace Chronicles”

I work for a design firm that manufactures golf and tennis apparel.

Great place to work, excellent people to work with.


Our office is 98% women.

And with that being said… in “I can’t make this stuff up!” – Work Place Edition…

I’ve got a co-worker in her mid-late thirties, OBSESSED with another co-worker, who just turned 60, because the latter co-worker is OBSESSED with wearing the same type of outfit or same colors, on the same day, of the following week (if you can keep up) that the former co-worker has worn.

For example, if co-worker A wears white pants and a blue top on Monday — co-worker B will wear white pants and a blue top the following Monday.

Now I have to say that all of this is “alleged” as I’ve only been shown two pieces of “evidence” that suggests that co-worker B is actually doing this but I just find it utterly hilarious that co-worker A believes so strongly that this is occurring intentionally, that she’s been documenting what she wears since February of this year to prove her case!

I don’t know the whole background between these two ladies from when they worked in the same department but could this actually be some sort of passive aggressive form of bullying? Or could there be a simpler explanation?

I’ll definitely keep you updated on this strange case that I’ve affectionately named “Imitation is NOT always a form of flattery!

What’s the craziest/weirdest/oddest thing that’s happened in your workplace?

Chicken & Dumplings

Pregnancy cravings have taken over my life!

Or should I say, I’ve happily allowed my pregnancy cravings to take over my life…LOL. The latest and greatest craving that I had was for some homemade chicken and dumplings. I can’t even remember the last time that I had some but I do remember that my aunt made it, I was probably about 9 or 10 years old, and it was the best damn chicken and dumplings EVER!

It would’ve been easy enough to call up my aunt and get the recipe from her but I decided to do my due diligence and dig around on Pinterest to see what kind of recipes that I could find on there. Low and behold I came across a picture of some and instantly knew the recipe would be a hit.Β Even my husband loved it and he’s very particular about trying new things when it comes to his food and had NO clue as to what dumplings are…LOL. Continue reading “Chicken & Dumplings”

Prego Life…

A few weeks ago Cece, being the awesome big sister that she is, brought home a box of Oreo ice cream bars as a treat for her and her little sisters. Now usually you mention Oreo anything to me and I’m ALL FOR IT, but when she’d asked me had I wanted one, I’d respectfully declined as I didn’t quite have a taste for anything sweet that night.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to Mimi walking around the house with hers, taking small bites here and there and then finally deciding that something else had peaked her interest and she no longer wanted her ice cream.

Mimi: “Here mommy, hold this.”

Me: “If you don’t want it just give it to daddy, he’ll eat it.”

Mimi: “Here daddy…”

Hubs: “No thank you baby, I don’t want it.”

Mimi: *looks back at me* “Daddy no want it.”

Me: “Okay Pooks, give it here.”

Mimi: *proceeds to run off to her sisters’ room*

Hubs: “You’re gonna eat that?”

Me: “No, I don’t even want it. Have you tasted it?”

Hubs: “Nope. Not interested.”

Me: *takes a small bite* “It tastes quite interesting to say the least…” *takes another small bite*

Five minutes later…

Me: *looks over to my husband shamefully with empty Popsicle stick in hand* “Now see, this is exactly why you don’t ask me to hold any food!!”

Simultaneous laughter.

Hubs: “That ice cream didn’t stand a chance.”



Being pregnant with twins so far has been the most amazing, scariest, strangest, physically demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life up to this point — and I’m only 20 weeks in. Well technically, 19 weeks and 6 days to be exact.Β My appetite has picked up tremendously over last two or so weeks which is a night and day difference between how I’d been feeling over the course of the pregnancy.

Weeks 1 – 7 were smooth sailing. I remember I was in the grocery store picking up something for dinner one day, while talking to my husband on the phone, and coming to the realization that I hadn’t started my cycle yet! Naturally like I’m sure every other woman has done when thinking she may be pregnant – I bought two pregnancy tests because I mean, can you REALLY just trust taking one?? Sure enough they both were positive and the very next day I called my OB and excitedly made my first appointment which was set for when I entered into my 9th week!

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I am currently 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twin girls! Thanks to genetic testing, to check for any birth defects, we were able to find out the sex of the babies around 14 weeks. I tell you, science is AMAZING!

So naturally, being the HGTV and all things interior design freak that I am, all I’ve been thinking about since finding out what we’re having is how to decorate their nursery. I keep bouncing from my two fave sites – Houzz.com and Pinterest – for inspiration which seems to have made everything worse because every time I think I’ve found a color scheme that I love… I see another one and completely change my mind again.

Initially I was ALL over the color combo Coral and Teal. Especially after stumbling upon this amazing little site that lets you create your own crib bedding – babybedding.com. This by far is my fave bedding combo that I created on their site:

Coral & Teal Bedding

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A Happy Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated our little rainbow baby Mimi’s third birthday! It’s SO hard to believe that three years have passed by already. She is truly the smartest, silliest, craziest, funniest little three year old that I’ve come across in a LONG time!

She’s in that phase now where every question she has is followed up with “but why??” which always leads to no less than 20 more questions after trying to explain something as simple as why mommy chose to make a right onto a certain street instead of a left.

Mimi taking it all in at her birthday party @ Chuck E. Cheese’s!

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