33/34 Week Update!

Hooray for getting to 33 — two days until 34 — weeks!

Boo to the aches and pains that my body has been experiencing as of late.

My lower back, particularly on the right side, has been achy for the past two months. It feels like I just need one GOOD stretch to make it pop and alleviate the pain but I just can’t get into a good enough position to make that happen. The hubs has tried over and over to massage the pain away for me — also to no avail.

Aside from the lower back pain, I’m still having hiccups and indigestion ALL THE TIME. I eat slowly, I make sure to chew my food to the smallest morsels possible, I don’t lie down right after I eat and none of it matters. And to make matters worse, it’s not like I get indigestion right after I eat – which would make perfect sense – I get it just as I’m getting ready to go to bed!Β  Three to four hours after my last meal! LOL.

The only thing that I’m kind of bummed about is that the twins are still lying transverse in my belly… literally like in this picture that I found online…


… as they have been for the last few ultrasound appointments so it’s looking like I get to have another C-section if baby A doesn’t do me a solid and turn head down so I can give birth “naturally.” But at least with a C-section they’ll be coming out at exactly 38 weeks, which is November 3rd and I’m very much looking forward to telling my doctor to pencil me in for that date!

I’m at the point in my pregnancy where I get to have ultrasounds every week (yay on the picture overload!) so they can keep checking their amniotic fluid levels, growth, etc. and I’m fairly certain that after my OB appointment coming up next week, I’ll probably be on the schedule to start seeing them every week as well.

We’re almost at the finish line!!

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