30 Weeks Down…

30 Weeks
Me @ 30 weeks w/twins! Fun times w/my daughters’ and sister!

This weekend I got to hang out with the fam for some “family fun time” at a cookout that was hosted by my Pops barbershop. The weather was PERFECT in my area despite all of the crazy hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and wild fires happening every where else in the world!


Although I had a blast at the cookout, especially watching my nephew and baby girl run around the playground, I quickly learned that at 30 weeks pregnant with twins, walking long distances in the sun is physically DRAINING. Not to mention, I was told by my OB that I am “severely anemic” to the point where I have to take iron pills three times a day and of course had forgotten to take my afternoon dose that day!


Aside from the effects of the anemia, the only other pregnancy symptoms that I’ve been having lately is indigestion, hiccuping that comes and goes all day, and just feeling HUGE! Oddly enough, I haven’t had too many cravings as of lately with the exception of Auntie Anne’s pretzels! I can NOT get enough of those things!

30 weeks has been treating me fairly well and the countdown to the twins arrival has officially begun! We’ve only got about 6-8 weeks left to finish getting things around the house together for them!

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