A Happy Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated our little rainbow baby Mimi’s third birthday! It’s SO hard to believe that three years have passed by already. She is truly the smartest, silliest, craziest, funniest little three year old that I’ve come across in a LONG time!

She’s in that phase now where every question she has is followed up with “but why??” which always leads to no less than 20 more questions after trying to explain something as simple as why mommy chose to make a right onto a certain street instead of a left.

Mimi taking it all in at her birthday party @ Chuck E. Cheese’s!

This lovely little light of mine has been the greatest blessing to our lives and it’s so hard to imagine how we were before she arrived. In 2011, my husband and I had found out we were pregnant and were over the moon. Sadly during my ninth week, one day I woke up and just didn’t “feel” pregnant anymore. I shook the feeling off thinking nothing more of it and then later that had to go to the hospital because I was in fact going through a spontaneous miscarriage.

There’s no pain like the pain of losing a child.

I thank God every day for my husband because he was definitely the pillar of strength for us both during the two years that followed. We’d tried to conceive again and again with no luck and one day I just up and decided that I wasn’t going to stress over it anymore. If it happened, it happened. If it didn’t, we still had three amazing children to love on.

And then one day things changed.

In 2013, one day out of the blue without us even thinking about it, my husband says to me “babe, have you started your cycle yet?” — it’s crazy that my husband is that in tune with me — to which I’d realized that I was in fact a week late! And just like I’m sure every woman who thinks she’s pregnant does, we bought two pregnancy tests. When the first one came back positive I just knew it was faulty and decided to wait until the morning to take the second one. True enough, that one came back positive as well and our life forever changed.

Fast forward to my ninth week of pregnancy with Mimi and us having a scare that instantly brought back painful flashbacks of two years prior. Fast forward again to my 32nd week when she decided she wanted to come early and I was given medicine to stop labor and keep her baking a little longer. During weeks 38-40 she’d decided that she was no longer interested in coming out at all and on my last doctor’s visit at 41 weeks, she up and decided that after being head down for the past two months she now wanted to be breech and I had the luxury of having my very first c-section.

Needless to say, she’s been running the house and our lives ever since!


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